Gut leben mit Hochbegabung!


Gifted Youth on their road to success!

Learning with Brausewetter aims at facilitating the process of finding the individually suitable career option for every gifted teen!

A lot of young people seem to have problems in deciding which career options to choose for their future: career planning should take into account the person's gifts and talents as well as his or her personality and social-emotional needs.

Learning with Brausewetter therefore

  • offers information on individual (career) planning for gifted young people,

  • offers courses and consultations for parents, teachers and other professionals on how to deal with giftedness at the adolescent age,

  • consults educational institutions (e.g. schools, colleges, universities, and companies),

  • presents at conferences and venues,

  • and writes books on different aspects of talent development,

  • offers validation of educators´ competences in adult and continuing education (with a focus on talent and giftedness). The validation is currently complimentary and on behalf of the German Institute for Adult Education in Bonn.

Learning with Brausewetter loves to network with people from other countries to learn from their experiences, to get to know their educational system and their culture and to share best practice for the sake of gifted young people!

Learning with Brausewetter is an authorized European Talent Point!